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Rewards Program

How Does It Work?
For every $200 you spend on regular-priced merchandise, you will earn a $10 reward which can be used on a future purchase.
And it's so easy to do! The Memory Bound system keeps track of everything for you. You don't need to save coupons or receipts!
You will be notified at checkout if you have earned a reward.

How Do I Redeem A Reward?
For in-store purchases, just ask the sales associate to apply your reward while checking out.
For on-line purchases you can enter the reward number during checkout, or put a note on the order asking us to apply a reward as we are packing your order (the reward will show up as a refund on the order).

Fine Print
A minimum $20 purchase is required in order to redeem a $10 Reward.
Only one $10 Reward can be redeemed per purchase.
Reward points will accumulate only on regular-priced merchandise, except Memory Bound kits.
In other words, reward points will not accumulate on sale items, discounted items, kits, shipping charges, or sales tax.
You don't need to spend $200 all at once in order to earn a reward. The $200 target can be spread over many purchases...and the Memory Bound system keeps track of it for you.
All rewards will expire after 90 days, so hurry back to take advantage of what you've earned!